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Toy Bonnie's POV
I was in love...with (Y/N) She....made my heart skip a beat. Golden Freddy says that my wires are malfunctioned but I think it's totally fine. I loved her when I first met/saw her. She is really kind to no one else. I was going to give her chocolate and flowers last time but I didn't have the courage to. I sighed and strummed my guitar and soon I played 'Jet Lag- Simple Plan'. I sang quietly. Today was the day I was gonna tell her...I love her. I was really nervous as I played. I smiled as I thought of (Y/N). Her beautiful (E/C) shining, her pretty (H/C) but (H/L) matches her personality. She seemed really shy but sometimes she isn't. I get it...I help her out most times...when I can't  I get jealous of Bonnie. I sighed and continued playing. When I finished, I went to the kitchen and made something to cook. I smiled as it was going to be a surprise for my ray of sunshine.

Golden Freddy POV
I frowned as I saw Toy Bonnie enter the kitchen. He was going to do something...again. Every time he does he fails. I just floated over to the stage and sat down. I started to think that if he does tell her about his feelings....maybe she won't like him. I huffed and looked at the kitchen door...hearing Toy Bonnie sing...I knew what he was singing. I didn't want to get in his way...but then again he still might fail...

Freddy's POV
I look at Golden Freddy. I sighed and shook my head...he always discouraged Toy Bonnie and I did. I didn't see why Toy Bonnie can't love. It' not against the rules. I look at Golden Freddy then I look back at the kitchen door. I hope Golden doesn't screw this up. Ever. I really think it's nice that Toy Bonnie loves the night guard. But sometimes when he is seen on Cam he well...makes smiling faces. I won't judge but he needs to do his job. I think it's ok not for him to kill the night guard. I just really hope no one does....or his love will be ruined...I look at the time boredly. It was 5:00AM. It was a Sunday. Meaning no night guard but only on M, T, W, T, and F. I sighed. Hope he doesn't screw it up for Toy...Bonnie.


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